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Just continue to keep an eye on what is going on. It sounds more casual. But, she probably knows more than most kids there and is getting to socialize and have friends, and be a little kid for a while longer. Just make sure she doesn't pick up any "bad" habits. It's good to see you so open, yet cautious.

So, yeah. Hmmm. Here's my sniff test for "school" vs. "daycare" (which we always just called 'school' anyway because it made me feel better). Schools have start and end times and routine and curricula and exist to educate children- to hell with parents and their schedules. Daycare centers exist to nurture children and accommodate parents. Daycare centers are there when you have to work on the Monday of a 3 day weekend, a school gives you your kid on that Friday and says 'see ya Tuesday!' I don't think your puzzlement has much to do with being from NY.

Wyatt's daycare has more structure than this place! I think your apprehension is right on.

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